The 25 Companies Where MBAs Really Want To Work

Regardless of where you come down on the MBA debate, there’s a healthy demand for graduates of top programs, given that the average salary is well above six figures.

Where those students want to work is a great indicator of which businesses and industries are hottest right now.

Research firm Universum USA just released the results of its annual MBA survey, which asks students to name their five most-desired employers.

Nearly a quarter of respondents put Google in their top five, beating out McKinsey, the biggest and top-earning management consulting firm. Overall, tech companies have a really strong showing, outweighing traditional destinations like consultancies and banks.

Among those who fell in the rankings were Facebook, perhaps hurt by a less-than-stellar IPO, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and Morgan Stanley, which dropped 12 rankings and out of the top 25 entirely.

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