IIMs – Fee Structure, Total Seats and Minimum CAT Cut-Offs

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) is a group of autonomous institutes which provide management education in India.
Here is the list of IIMs with the year of establishment:

Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad – Year of establishment: 1961

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore – Year of establishment: 1973

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta – Year of establishment: 1961

Indian Institute of Management Lucknow – Year of establishment 1984

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode – Year of establishment: 1996

Indian Institute of Management Indore – Year of establishment: 1998

Indian Institute of Management Ranchi – Year of establishment: 2010

Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli – Year of establishment: 2011

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur – Year of establishment: 2011

Indian Institute of Management Rohtak – Year of establishment: 2010

Indian Institute of Management Shillong – Year of establishment: 2007

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur – Year of establishment: 2011

Indian Institute of Management Raipur – Year of establishment: 2010


Here is the list of places for upcoming new IIMs are going to be established:

IIM Jammu and Kashmir
IIM Tamil Nadu
IIM Chhattisgarh
IIM Uttarakhand
Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Shillong
IIM Jharkhand
IIM Haryana


List of IIMs, their fees, seats, minimum cutoffs.
Institute                                                                                      Fees                                     No. of Seats      Cut-offs
Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad         INR 15.5 Lacs                            380                     99+
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore              INR 15 Lacs                                 350                  90
Indian Institute of Management-Kolkata                   INR 13.5 Lacs                            450                  95+
Indian Institute of Management-Indore                    INR 6.5 Lacs                               450                  90
Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow               INR 6.5 Lacs                                356                 95+
Indian Institute of Management-Ranchi                     INR 6 Lacs                                 60                      90
Indian Institute of Management-Raipur                     INR 4 Lacs                                  120                  80
Indian Institute of Management-Kashipur                 INR 8 Lacs                                 60                     75
Indian Institute of Management-Shillong                   INR 4 Lacs                                60                     94.5
Indian Institute of Management-Udaipur                   INR 4 Lacs                                120                   80
Indian Institute of Management-Rohtak                     INR 6.1 Lacs                             120                  85
Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode              INR 9.7 Lacs                            300                 85
Indian Institute of Management- Tiruchirappalli     INR 10 Lacs                             120                  80


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Admission Process for admission in IIMs

Short listing criteria of the IIMs

IIMs not just consider the CAT scores, but also look at past academic records and work experience. A candidate needs to qualify in the combined computing process of both the CAT scores, past academic records and the work experience, to receive a call from an IIMs.

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