CAT New Exam Pattern

CAT 2015 Exam Pattern: CAT or Common Admission Test 2015 will be conducted in one day in two sessions

CAT 2016 new exam pattern will have number of 1st and different type of presentation of questions in Verbal Ability section. CAT 2016 new pattern of test will have 100 as compared to 60 questions in 2 sections in past CAT years. 20 questions have been added in each of the two sections of test. Duration of the CAT 2016 has also been increased to 170 minutes from 140 minutes earlier. Now CAT 2016 new pattern will have a total of 50 questions for Verbal Ability section and another 50 for Quant section.

New CAT New Exam Pattern

Verbal Ability in CAT 2016 new pattern
Despite so many significant changes, neither the CAT convening IIM Indore nor the testing agency TCS has shared the composition of CAT 2016 new pattern of examination. The additional source topics and expected type of questions for CAT 2016 new exam pattern are also not yet made available for the use of aspirants.
However, the available information about the CAT 2016 new exam pattern is that it will have same 2 sections with no restriction to move from one section to another within the total frame of 170 minutes. CAT 2016 site has the icon to apprise about CAT 2016 new Exam pattern & Duration but all the ingredients are not yet shared. Delay in the disclosure is causing anxiety and uneasiness among the aspirants as they remain in dark about the CAT 2016 new exam pattern.
50 questions in Verbal Ability section; know the types
Prof S K Agarwal, CAT preparation expert on Verbal Ability shares the expected type of questions in CAT 2016 new exam pattern in Verbal Ability section. The test paper size is increased by 66% in CAT 2016 new exam pattern. Division of test paper with different type of questions with a view to enhancing the value of CAT in each of the sections is the main purpose of CAT 2016 convening IIM Indore and testing agency TCS. Besides, Surprises and tricky presentation of questions in CAT 2016 new pattern cannot be ruled out.

Expect 35 questions on Verbal
There is no predefined Syllabus for CAT 2016 new exam pattern except for the fact that the topics have been more or less same in CAT over the years. While difficulty level is expected on the same level, number and type of expected questions may throw surprises in CAT 2016 new pattern.

More questions on Error corrections
CAT 2016 new exam pattern is expected to have 4 different types of questions along with the questions on error corrections in sentences and paragraphs. CAT 2016 new exam pattern may place questions on single sentences divided in parts. Such questions were not asked in CAT during the past many years but they form an important type of questions on error correction.

It’s advisable to the aspirants to study various parts of speech and tenses very well to prepare for such questions expected in CAT 2016 new exam pattern.

Twisted type of Vocabulary based questions

More questions on vocabulary usage are expected in CAT 2016 new exam pattern. Questions based on synonyms usage to fill in the blanks, instead of picking the incorrect usage of common vocabulary words, collocations, phrasal verbs questions could be framed to find the correct usage. Number of such questions, apart from the twist in them, may rise. Dr Rohit Kapoor, Convener CAT 2016 has already given the hint that CAT 2016 will have a new and different exam pattern with no change in syllabus.

Structure change: Last sentence of paragraph
Aspirants expecting twists and surprises in the yet more lengthy CAT 2016 new pattern, should anticipate different type of question apart from the regular one- choose the last sentence of the paragraph. It could now be the ‘first sentence of the paragraph’. This surprise happened in CAT 2006 and CAT 2012 when questions like completion of last sentence of paragraph; Picking out the Out of context sentence in a jumbled paragraph were placed before the aspirants. CAT 2016 new pattern might place 2-3 questions of this type
More and different questions on PJ

CAT 2016 new exam pattern may bring surprises in the form of more and twisted type of questions on jumbled sentences. Aspirants may find around 4-5 jumbled paragraphs which may include questions like ‘choose the opening and concluding sentence of a jumbled paragraph’ in the CAT 2016 new exam pattern.

More and different questions on RC
RC has so far occupied half of the Verbal Ability part with 10 questions. CAT 2016 new exam pattern is expected to have 15-16 questions based on Reading comprehension passages assuming that ratio remains more or less same. Since other MBA entrance tests have more focus on this part in English language section, CAT 2016 new pattern is also expected to attribute a high importance to RC.
Common type of questions like ‘Tone and attitude of the author in the passage’ may get different style for example, “what could be the thought hovering the author’s mind when he wrote ….”; Or “ What makes author write…..”
There could be more number of RC passages with similar number of questions based on them as have appeared in CAT 2015 & 2016. On a different note, the passages might have an increased length with more number of questions in CAT 2016 new exam pattern.

Time management is the key
The changes in CAT 2016 exam pattern are aspirant friendly. Aspirants have liberty to move from one section to other without any restriction. But again scanning the entire test paper with no target is not good. Aspirants are advised to manage time and maximise the attempts to score high percentile in both the sections in CAT 2016 new exam pattern.
CAT 2016 new pattern has increased the overall time limit from 140 minutes to 170 minutes but average available time per question has been reduced from 2.32 to 1.70 minutes per question. Still it is sufficient time to solve, if we go strategically.

Always prefer to solve those questions in first attempt which you can solve confidently. Number of such questions calling your attention in the first attempt may not be more than 20-30 out of 100 and you may be able to solve them with an average time of 1 to 1.25 minute each. If you can solve 60 out of 100 with 100% accuracy, you are the winner even in the CAT 2016 new pattern.