MBA in IT a perfect blend of both Technical & Management Knowledge

Information Technology (I.T) is a fastest growing industry that has demonstrated a lot potential for growth. If you are looking to great future into this field or advance your IT career, consider an MBA in IT to keep yourself competitive and step ahead from others.

An MBA in Information Technology (IT) focuses on the Information Technology, Business, Organizational, and financial side of the IT industry rather than the nuts and bolts of programming or technical troubleshooting. It teaches students how to head up projects and manage software teams. An MBA in IT is commonly held by software engineers, system information managers, project managers, network engineers, and other workers in positions that require leadership and management skills.

One of the major advantages of having an MBA in IT is that it keeps degree holders competitive in your field. When combined with a good work track record, and MBA makes you more likely to be promoted a management position. MBA coursework also teaches the fundamentals of business, which are a good thing to know regardless of what field a young professional ultimately decides to settle in.

MBA in IT a perfect blend of both Technical & Management Knowledge

If you enjoy working with computers, have a strong technical background and also look forward to a managerial position in the future, the answer is an MBA in IT. Most companies use IT not only to automate their activities but also to stay ahead of their competitors. With the expanded growth of the computer and the use of information technology (IT) in all facets of business, there is today an apparent need for IT professionals with wider skills. A large number of IT companies require managers who are technically competent in the core IT field, and can also handle managerial responsibilities as they grow in their careers. The growing demand of computers and its high usage in almost every field has seen the need for technically qualified professionals who can interact effectively with management and develop business competitiveness. An MBA in IT fulfills this need as it covers everything about emerging IT trends, the application and implementation of information technology in businesses.

MBA in Information Technology is a specialization in management which focuses on information technology and the use of management techniques to enhance the usage and applicability of information technology. While attempting to combine business areas with computer knowledge, MBA in IT helps to create well-rounded IT managers who can conceptualize and execute organizational planning in terms of IT infrastructure and effectively integrate people, information and communication technologies, and business processes in support of organizational strategic goals.

The MBA in IT is ideal for those who have done B.E/ B.Tech in computer science and information technology or BCA and wish to enhance their career with a management degree. Such a programme will enable you to work in a management capacity in the IT sector, or with organizations requiring an in-depth understanding of the operational and strategic aspects of managing with information technology. Some years of work experience in the IT sector before such a programme is always advisable as it will help you understand better the new technologies and the ground realties in the field and open more avenues of opportunity. You need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline to pursue MBA in IT, although a background in computers and IT is preferable. The IT MBA course is a blend of both technical and management knowledge and skills, to educate and develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, use, and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies. The programme typically includes computer science, information database management, and networking, imparting training in latest technologies, providing exposure to best business practices and helping build team leadership qualities and management skills. Additionally, some programmes may also incorporate e-commerce and other topics in online marketing and brand building.

Job prospects: There is an enormous scope for those who have pursued a programme in the field of Information Technology and Management. In the ever changing and evolving global IT scenario, there is a growing requirement in companies both national and international for professionals with in-depth knowledge of managerial aspects and functions along with the technical skills. An MBA-IT graduate can therefore find employment opportunities with organizations belonging to all domains, as also specifically with software and IT companies and in positions related to IT management.

Other positions include IT financial management, IT infrastructure, Project Management, and as Chief Information Officer, System Manager, Research and Development Manager, and so on. So, if you have a blog, have modified a Wikipedia page, love fiddling with your computer or phone, and dream big, then the MBA in IT is probably what will click for you. So, before you follow the herd towards an MBA, think about what will give you an edge and enable you to stand out in the crowd. Narayana Murthy never did MBA in IT (there was no such course in his time) but he started as an electrical engineer who combined technical skills with the traits of a successful manager to create a world-class company.

You can do that too, Good Luck!