Is an MBA Necessary

Most of the time you face this question during GD – PI

Usually enough experience can make up for difference in education. However, earning a MBA degree does make you more marketable. Also consider your long term goals. In many companies, people in middle- to senior-management have a masters degree. Are you interested in growing vertically after you become a manager? If yes, I would recommend going to business or some type of graduate school related to your field. 

Many people seeking to further their careers find themselves helplessly staring between their checkbooks and the hefty price tag of an Master of Business Administration MBA degree, which can cost lakhs of Rupees, depending on the school. The combination of time, money and stress involved in earning an MBA has professionals across the globe asking one question:

“Is an MBA worth it?”

MBA is one of the course to get successful in your career. MBA is necessary to people who want more career option and those who want to become an Entrepreneur. Being specialized in a particular field, students may not know about general management. So its an additional course which makes students perfect and perform better in their career undertakings.

It depends upon your interest, if you are interested in management then it’s good for you, it’s for sure that MBA helps to improve your communication skill, it enhance your thinking ability. What happens in MBA courses that they provide a environment to speak on any topic, by this your communication skill, your thinking ability get improved. There is a good effect of your MBA degree in your life. But you have good communication skill, you can’t present well yourself and you are good in technical, then you should stick to your technology. Surely you will go ahead in life. Main thing is your communication skill and the way you present yourself if you have good communication skill.

MBA now a days have become more of an eligible criteria for people doing jobs in various management fields.This calls for a need to go for this regular degree course. However my personal opinion is Do MBA when you know, what you can yield out of this degree. Plan the benefits in advance before going for an MBA degree. Have 1 year work experience see real world , then go for MBA course. This will provide you with an insight as what returns you need from this degree.

Example… You lack in communication skills area and personality, then you can plan to give maximum participation in MBA.  You want better job and salary, plan to keep in touch with business world along MBA. So in a nutshell

“Do a Planned MBA” then only its beneficial .